2010 College Football Early Bird Top 25 Rankings

Here it is folks!  Hot Read Sports’ college football early bird Top 25 rankings for 2010.  We know rankings are ridiculous this early in the spring, but they are fun to get the football juices flowing.  The rankings are based upon a criteria.  That criteria consists of watching how teams progressed through the 2009 season, bowl results, returning starters on defense and offense, overall talent on a team, coaching, and the 2010 recruiting classes.  We here at Hot Read Sports follow college football and high school football closely.    But this is about college football and the upcoming 2010 season.  We will release another preseason Top 25 ranking around August.  But for now, we present you with our early bird college football Top 25 rankings for 2010.  ( We know that not everyone will be happy with where we slotted your team……so let us know in the comment section below)

http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/category/press/ SOMA OVERNIGHT COD 2010 College Football Top 25 (early bird)

soma online overnight #1   Alabama- never rank an undefeated champion with a returning Heisman winner lower than #1

#2   Boise State- Undefeated in 2009.  Have lost only 1 game in the last 2 years (to #5 TCU).  Return all but 1 starter

#3   Ohio State- Terrel Pryor showed his potential in the Rose Bowl

#4   Oregon- could drop depending on the Masoli situation

#5   TCU- returning all but 2 offensive starters and always RELOAD on defense

#6   Texas- would’ve started lower had Gilbert not showed some skills in the National Championship

#7   Iowa- successful 2009 season.  Must rebuild the offensive line.  Could be one to drop down in the rankings.

#8   Florida- Has to replace Superman, Dunlap, Haden, Hernandez, Cooper and Urban Meyer (maybe).  But they know how to win.

#9   Virginia Tech- Early date with Boise St. could springboard them into the top 3 and set them up for a national championship run.

#10  Nebraska- Welcome back Big Red.  Pelini has this team moving in the right direction.  Could rule the Big 12 North.

#11   Georgia Tech- Should be favored to win the ACC.  Tricky offense.  Returns numerous starters.

#12   Wisconsin- Only lose 1 starter on offense.  Schedule sets up nicely.  Questions on d-line and linebacker need to be answered

#13   Oklahoma- Injury plagued 2009 is over.  Lose a lot of meat on the defense.  Offense will be the workhorse.

#14   Penn State- Have to replace a lot of key positions.  Schedule is difficult.  Could slide down the rankings by summertime

#15   USC- Barkley returns with a season under his belt.  Need to rebuild left side of line.  USC reloads with talent.  Kiffin the wildcard.

#16   Oregon State- Need to find a QB.  Return most of the starters.  Early games against TCU and Boise St. will tell the tale.

#17   Miami- Jacory Harris is the captain of the ship.  Needs players to step up around him and fill the holes.  Defense should be solid.

#18   Pittsburgh- Play a difficult non-conference schedule.  Dion Lewis is a stud.  Jonathan Baldwin is back at WR.

#19   Arkansas- Mallett is a gunslinger.  Get the SEC powerhouses at home where the Hogs are tough.  Could be a sleeper.

#20   North Carolina- return many of their top juniors.  Need to find consistency they lacked in 2009.

#21   LSU- Extremely tough schedule.  Need to find the swagger again in 2010.  RS-F Loston huge key at safety.

#22   Georgia- Need to find a QB, but the offense is stacked.  Defense is where the question will be.  Gave up too many points in 2009.

#23   Utah- QB Jordan Wynn showed a lot of talent.  Finds a way to put together great teams every year.

#24  Cincinnati- How big will the departure of Brian Kelly, Gilyard, and Pike be?  Need to get tough on defense.

#25   Florida State- Jimbo Fisher takes the helm.  Entire O-line returns.  Christian Ponder is a good one at quarterback.

Just outside (could move at the end of summer)- Houston, BYU, West Virginia, Navy, Stanford, and Arizona

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There are 3 Comments to "2010 College Football Early Bird Top 25 Rankings"

  • thomas says:

    Nebraska is rated to low. Our D is going to be nasty next year. And whats the deal with 2 mid majors ranked in the top 5.

  • admin says:

    The Nebraska ranking is right on. The defense may be nasty, but the offense is lacking. We understand that the O is a work in progress and you are moving back to a run oriented offense, but it doesn’t strike fear into anyone. We like Nebraska and are excited for the return of Big Red to the national scene, but lets not get too crazy. Top 10 is a pretty good ranking. Boise St. and TCU are ranked that high due to returning starters. Boise returns 21 starters off a team that has only lost once in the last 2 years. TCU could be dropped to around 7, but they return all but 1 player on the #4 ranked offense. And TCU RELOADS on defense. They return 7 starters on D and have an abundance of talent on that side of the ball. Both Boise and TCU have been beating BCS conference schools for years and should get their respect. Heck, they both finished in the Top 6 in 2009. So with all that’s returning why would they drop out of the Top 6?

  • Magnolia says:

    You had me at Number 1!

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