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Hot Read Hotties “Jaime Edmondson NFL Edition Part 2″

Sometimes if you wish hard enough your wishes come true.  Friend and Hot Read Hottie, Jaime Edmondson, has completed her NFL pictorial from last fall…just in time for Super Bowl XLV.  So, if you were disappointed that this red haired beauty didn’t wear YOUR favorite NFL team’s apparel last fall…your prayers have been answered.  

Hot Read Hotties “Jaime Edmondson NFL” Edition

Its been a while since we have released a Hot Read Hotties edition, so we wanted to keep you guys satisfied.  Recently some pictures were released of Playboy model Jaime Edmondsen sporting different NFL team apparel.

Hot Read Hotties “NBA Playoff Dancer” Edition

We must apologize for our lack of Hot Read Hotties the past two weeks.  We do have day jobs.  But we are back this week with one of our readers’ favorite subjects……NBA cheerleaders.  This edition features the dancers of some of the playoff teams

Hot Read Hotties NHL Ice Girls Edition

Happy Friday everyone!  After we skipped last week’s edition of Hot Read Hotties due to internet trouble we decided we needed to make amends with our readers.  So we decided to feature the NHL Ice Girls this week.  Who knew there were Ice Girls? 

Hot Read Hotties Miami Heat Dancer “Latina” Edition

Back by popular demand. The Miami Heat dancers! The NBA’s hottest dance team (at least this year). This week we have included photos from the Miami Heat dancers “Latina” spread. We included a few of these photos in last weeks Hot Read Hotties and this week we’ve decided

Hot Read Hotties Miami Heat Dancer Edition

First off Hot Read Sports wants to apologize for not getting out your weekly dose of Hot Read Hotties last Friday.  We understand that some of you look forward to it every Friday to kick off a great weekend.  But, some of you have expressed that

Hot Read Hotties NBA cheerleader edition

Another week has come to a close.  The Hot Read Hotties are here to help ease you into your weekend.  We thought about releasing another NCAA tournament edition, but the NBA

Hot Read Hotties College Basketball Cheerleaders Edition

We’ve changed the name of our weekly girl pictorial to HOT READ HOTTIES.  So those of you who like to look at our Fan Of The Game archives, you can now enjoy the same postings under a new name.  And with the NCAA tournament about ready to kickoff.  We

Hot Read Hotties LPGA edition

Who says the ladies of professional golf aren’t sexy?  They are.  I bet you guys might watch a little more LPGA golf on the weekend after checking out these lovely ladies.  Maybe it will even

Hot Read Hotties Ski Bunny edition

Anyone have time for ski bunnies?  Snow bunnies?  Sure you do.  Thanks for all the support this week and we look forward to more comments and emails from all of our Hot Read Sports fans.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Click on photos for full size images.

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