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The Future of NFL Uniforms? In the past few days a few artist renditions of NFL Pro Combat Uniforms have leaked on to the internet.  This is the Dallas Cowboys rendition.  Let us be clear….these are just an artists vision about what the future of the NFL could look like.  Did Nike release these drawings to gauge fan interest?  That [...]

America’s Top 15 Priciest Sports Tickets

We all know that tickets to sporting events have skyrocketed. While it happens to be easier than ever to get sports tickets at, most sports teams are charging incredible prices to go and watch them play. Gone are the days when season tickets to your favorite sports team were affordable. Teams are gearing [...]

New Orleans Saints prank Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints continued their Super Bowl after party.  This week is the NFL combine and it just so happens that the event is taking place in Indianapolis.  Yes, the home to the Colts, who a few weeks ago lost the Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints.  So what did they do…


The day has come. Super Bowl Sunday. The day when friends and families will gather together and toast the end of another great football season. The day when kids play catch in the backyard dreaming that one day THEY will be playing for the NFL title. The day when heroes and champions are made. With [...]

Hot Read Hotties Super Bowl XLIV Showdown

So before we analyze the BIG GAME, I think it is only right that we have a “FAN OF THE GAME” Super Bowl Showdown.  In one corner, we have the beautiful

Saints and Colts prevail!!

Yesterday afternoon didn’t disappoint.  In the first game, the Colts did exactly what we thought.  Yes, exactly (read our Colts-Jets preview below).  Manning was Manning.  He found Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie all day for big gains and a few TD’s.  The Jets on the other hand played to win.  They needed strong defense and [...]

Can Darrelle Revis and the Jets slow down the Colts?

We’ve reached Conference championship weekend and boy do we have some matchups.  In the first game, the Cinderella Jets go into Lucas Oil stadium to try and knock off the high octane Indianapolis Colts.  This game really comes down to one thing……DEFENSE (The Jets defense that is).  If the Jets can play physical football and [...]

Ravens vs. Colts AFC Divisional Round Game

The second divisional round game is going to be a battle of contrasting styles.  The run heavy offense and bruising defense of the Baltimore Ravens go into Indianapolis to due battle with the NFL MVP.  The Colts feature a pass heavy quick fire offense and a defense that relies heavily on the pass rush.  This [...]

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