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Jerry Jones Gets Drunk and Unloads on Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow

This is classic Jerry Jones.  I love to hate this guy, but you have to admit he does speak his mind freely.  This video was taken by a camera phone obviously, but you can tell its Jerry Jones and you can tell he’s WASTED.  Is it wrong that we think

Dallas Sports Celebrities Sing For Super Bowl

Get ready to cover your ears.  The continuous promotion of Super Bowl XLIV at Cowboys Stadium has begun.  Last weekend North Texas sports celebrities kicked off the promotion of Super Bowl XLIV in downtown Fort Worth at the Faith Hill concert.  The patrons who were lucky to get tickets to the Bass Hall concert got [...]

America’s Top 15 Priciest Sports Tickets

We all know that tickets to sporting events have skyrocketed. While it happens to be easier than ever to get sports tickets at, most sports teams are charging incredible prices to go and watch them play. Gone are the days when season tickets to your favorite sports team were affordable. Teams are gearing [...]

Snuggie Night in Cleveland Sets World Record

The Snuggie, the little warm blanket with sleeves, continued its quest for world domination in Cleveland of all places.  The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to give out Snuggies at their Friday night home game.  The Guiness Book

New Orleans Saints prank Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints continued their Super Bowl after party.  This week is the NFL combine and it just so happens that the event is taking place in Indianapolis.  Yes, the home to the Colts, who a few weeks ago lost the Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints.  So what did they do…

Bull riding dominates Cowboys stadium

Saturday night was the first PBR event held at the new Cowboys Stadium.  The Dickies Iron Cowboy Invitational didn’t disappoint.  Over 45,000 rodeo fans came to witness the biggest purse in bull riding history.   Hot Read Sports was ringside for all the rowdy action.

Cowboys give Phillips 3-year extension?

I think I speak for most Cowboys fans when I say……….What tha?  The Cowboys not only picked up Phillips option for 2010, but added another 2 years to the deal.  Can we all agree now that Jerry Jones doesn’t really know what he’s doing?  Phillips won his FIRST playoff game EVER two weeks ago against [...]

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