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Jerry Jones Gets Drunk and Unloads on Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow

This is classic Jerry Jones.  I love to hate this guy, but you have to admit he does speak his mind freely.  This video was taken by a camera phone obviously, but you can tell its Jerry Jones and you can tell he’s WASTED.  Is it wrong that we think

Tim Tebow Helps With A Marriage Proposal

Before you ask…no this is not the girl, but it was a great way to insert this photo. Is there anything that Tim Tebow doesn’t do?  If this guy ever fails in the NFL he’ll most likely be good at something.  Babysitting?  Flipping burgers? Manicures? Gardening?  I venture to say all of the above.  How [...]

Don’t Mess With Urban Meyer

Recently a reporter interviewed Florida WR Deonte Thompson and asked him the difference between Tim Tebow and Florida’s new quarterback John Brantley.  Thompson made a few remarks about how Tebow was an unorthodox quarterback and always 

Tim Tebow Shows Off New Throwing Motion for NFL Scouts

The much anticipated Pro-Day of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is now in the books.  Tebow showed off his new throwing style to NFL scouts in attendence in hopes  

Senior Bowl is chance for players to shine

The Senior Bowl wrapped up this past weekend and Hot Read Sports was there to cover all the action (you can tell by our professional camera work).  What exactly is the Senior Bowl?  It’s essentially an All-Star game for college seniors who want to

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