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Don’t Mess With Urban Meyer

Recently a reporter interviewed Florida WR Deonte Thompson and asked him the difference between Tim Tebow and Florida’s new quarterback John Brantley.  Thompson made a few remarks about how Tebow was an unorthodox quarterback and always 

2010 College Football Early Bird Top 25 Rankings

Here it is folks!  Hot Read Sports’ college football early bird Top 25 rankings for 2010.  We know rankings are ridiculous this early in the spring, but they are fun to get the football juices flowing.  The rankings are based upon a criteria.  That criteria

Top 25 college football recruiting classes for 2010

Ahhhhhhh yes.  February 3rd.  The day that high school seniors can sign their letters of intent to play college football.  I like to call it Christmas in February.  For over a year, universities across the country have pined over, fought over, kissed up to, and impressed some of the most sought after talent in the [...]

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