Amare Stoudemire Enters His Claim For Dunk of The Year

A few days ago, Amare Stoudemire submitted his entry into the 2010 Dunk of the Year contest.  We’ve had numerous entries over the past few weeks.  Including entries not only by NBA stars, but college stars and high school stars. Well, the other night the Phoenix Suns were on the road playing at Golden State when a breakaway happened.  All that was standing between Amare Stoudemire and the rim was 6’9″ 245lb. Anthony Tolliver.  Let’s just say Amare got vicious on Anthony.  Leandro Barbosa, guard for the Suns, called it the best slam dunk he has ever seen.  We wouldn’t go that far, but it definitely is a candidate for “Dunk of the Year.”  Check out the video below for the high flying action.

Please scroll down and make a comment below the dunk that you think deserves to win.  Click on the “Dunk of the Year” link above to search Hot Read Sports for previous dunks.

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