Bull Fighter Visciously Gored

It’s all fun and games until someone gets gored.  We think that bullfighter, Julio Aparicio, would agree.  A day after Julio Aparicio fought two bulls successfully…….another bull got redemption To Julio Aparacio it was just another day at work.  Hailing from a long family line of matadors, Aparacio was entering into the “faena” (a series of passes in which he uses his cape and sword before delivering the wounded animal the death blow, or estocada) when he slipped and fell.  Seeing an opportunity the bull lowered his head and gored Aparacio in the throat.  The impaling horn punctured the throat and went up through his mouth causing severe damage.  Aparacio was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received a scan that revealed a skull fracture.  The brave bull fight also had to undergo a tracheotomy.  Luckily it appears this bullfighter will survive.

“We don’t have a reason to fear for his life, although he will have a very slow recuperation,” Dr. Maximo Garcia Padros told El Pais newspaper.

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