Can Darrelle Revis and the Jets slow down the Colts?

We’ve reached Conference championship weekend and boy do we have some matchups.  In the first game, the Cinderella Jets go into Lucas Oil stadium to try and knock off the high octane Indianapolis Colts.  This game really comes down to one thing……DEFENSE (The Jets defense that is).  If the Jets can play physical football and get this game into the 4th quarter, they have a shot.  If they don’t, this is going to be ugly.

Spread: -5  Colts

With a close spread like this it looks like the oddsmakers are expecting the Jets to come and play.  But, when I take a closer look at this game I see one glaring factor.  Mark Sanchez (rookie) going against Peyton Manning (one of the greatest).  Can I really choose the Jets to win on the road in Peyton’s house?  Not a chance.  I like the Colts in this game because the Ravens gave them a preview of the Jets defense last week.

Outlook: The Jets are going to do what they do (play D and run the ball) and the Colts are going to do what they do (score).  I expect the Jets to come out and establish the run early to try and quiet the crowd and let Sanchez get comfortable.  The Indy defense is going to have to step up.  I think the Indy defense forces a few short drives and allows Peyton to open up the offense.  Look for Shonn Greene to continue breaking out and look for Dustin Keller to get some balls over the middle.  On the Colts side, I expect Revis to keep Wayne busy and Kerry Rhodes to annoy Dallas Clark.  I’m seeing a nice day for Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon.  Look for a double move with Garcon at some point for a big play downfield.

Prediction: This will be the end of the road for the Jets.  I don’t think the Colts are scared or intimidated by them and will go about their business.  I like the Jets to keep it close for a while.  10-3 Colts halftime.  Second half is more of the same with the Jets closing the gap.  As time starts to tick down I see the Jets getting desperate and taking some shots down the field.  That’s when Dwight Freeney starts feeding on Sanchez.  I see a big turnover late in the game that will allow the Colts to create breathing room.

Final score:  Jets  13     Colts  23

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