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Caron Butler Of The Dallas Mavericks Is Obsessed With McDonalds

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Have you heard about Caron Butler’s obsession with McDonald’s?  Yes, McDonald’s.  But Caron isn’t obsessed with the tasty Big Mac, the scrumptous chicken club, or the delightfully rubbery Chicken McNuggets.  He’s more of a McDonald’s straw kind of guy.  You heard that right, STRAWS.  For years Caron Butler had fancied a habit of chewing straws while he played.  And not just any straws……McDonald’s straws.  Caron got hooked on the straw chewing fetish back in high school when he used to chew the tips of his shoelaces.  One day someone told him that chewing the tips of his shoelaces was bad for his teeth, so he made the switch to straws.  The habit had gotten so out of control that Butler claimed to go through 6 straws per half.  12 straws per game.  He even chews straws when he is sitting in his living room at home!

So you may be asking yourself if he chews just any old straw.  That is an emphatic NO!  Caron can actually tell you which restaurant a straw came from and whether or not he terms it a quality straw.  The McDonald’s straw is the best in the business.  And he will sometimes chew a Burger King straw.  But he won’t chew 7-11 or Wendy’s straws.  The reason?  He likes a thick sturdy straw he can gnaw on.  The thin ones break apart too easy.  Check out the video below where Caron Butler talks about his obsession with chewing straws and even shows his ability of picking out a McDonald’s straw.  BLINDFOLDED!!!!

One other sad note:  The NBA has now banned Caron Butler from chewing straws during the game.  He still manages to chew them when he’s sitting on the bench.

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