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Showdown in the Big Easy!

This is the game of the day.  It has everything you could ask for.  Superstars, high scoring offenses, opportunistic defenses, special teams playmakers, The Superdome, and loud boisterous fans dressed like it’s Halloween.  I don’t see how this game can disappoint.  Both teams are coming off blowout wins in the divisional round games.  The Saints [...]

Can Darrelle Revis and the Jets slow down the Colts?

We’ve reached Conference championship weekend and boy do we have some matchups.  In the first game, the Cinderella Jets go into Lucas Oil stadium to try and knock off the high octane Indianapolis Colts.  This game really comes down to one thing……DEFENSE (The Jets defense that is).  If the Jets can play physical football and [...]

Cowboys give Phillips 3-year extension?

I think I speak for most Cowboys fans when I say……….What tha?  The Cowboys not only picked up Phillips option for 2010, but added another 2 years to the deal.  Can we all agree now that Jerry Jones doesn’t really know what he’s doing?  Phillips won his FIRST playoff game EVER two weeks ago against [...]

Will LT return to San Diego next year?

This is a story I will be following closely since I graduated college, TCU, with LaDainian Tomlinson.  He also just happens to be my favorite player of all-time. Will he be back in San Diego next year?  All signs point to NO.  After 10 seasons wearing the baby blue for the Bolts I believe it’s [...]

NFL Weekend Wrap-Up

What promised to be an amazing weekend in the NFL turned out a bit of a dud.  4 games were played and the average margin of victory was 21 points.  Not what I call exciting. Cardinals vs. Saints- As  I predicted, if the Saints get out to an early lead the game WOULD be over.  [...]

Cowboys vs. Vikings NFC Divisional Round Game

Day two of the Divisional Round games is upon us and they promise not to disappoint (we hope).  Tony Romo leads his red hot Cowboys into the Metrodome in Minneapolis to take on his boyhood idol, Brett Favre.  Throughout the season the Vikings have looked like contenders but recent losses have shown cracks in the [...]

Gaines Adams dead at 26

Gaines Adams, defensive end for the Chicago Bears, was taken to a South Carolina emergency room on Sunday morning.  He was pronounced dead at 9am ET.  Details of the cause have not been released yet.  Our prayers and well wishes go out to his family and friends.  Rest in peace my friend. It sure does [...]

Ravens vs. Colts AFC Divisional Round Game

The second divisional round game is going to be a battle of contrasting styles.  The run heavy offense and bruising defense of the Baltimore Ravens go into Indianapolis to due battle with the NFL MVP.  The Colts feature a pass heavy quick fire offense and a defense that relies heavily on the pass rush.  This [...]

Cardinals vs. Saints NFC Divisional Round Game

Now the NFL playoffs can really begin.  The first divisional round game features the Arizona Cardinals at the New Orleans Saints.  Had we discussed this matchup 2 months ago we would have crowned the Saints the winner without hesitation.  Fast forward to today and we have ourselves a ballgame folks.  The Cardinals are coming off [...]

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