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Charles Barkley Flips The Finger On Inside The NBA Order Soma online without prescription

Last night on the “Inside the NBA” Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley were discussing Kobe Bryant’s injured finger.  The conversation drifted towards the “fingers” of NBA players and how ugly they are.  When Ernie asked Charles Barkley to show him his fingers……you can guess what happens next.  Barkley has never been one to shy away from a good joke no matter how inappropriate it may be.  The video below shows all the footage.  The really disturbing thing about this whole video is when the camera takes a close-up of Kobe Bryant’s fingers towards the end.  Not a pretty sight.  It’s shocking that Kobe can do what he does with digits like those. Thanks to Jose3030 on Twitter for the video.

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