Coach Disqualifies Pole Vaulter Through Poor Sportsmanship

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Monrovia high school track coach Mike Knowles is an a-hole (excuse our French).  Monrovia high school track coach Mike Knowles is a poor sport.  Mike Knowles is a LOSER!  If we were the athletic director of Monrovia high school,  Mike Knowles would be cashing his last paycheck this Friday.  Why?  This past weekend with the league championship track meet on the line between Monrovia High and Southern Pasadena High, coach Mike Knowles (Monrovia) did something that puts him in the Hot Read Sports “Hall of Shame”.  With the two teams seperated by only a few points the only event left was the pole vault.  South Pasadena High pole vaulter Rachel Ma led the event with a vault of 7ft 6 inches.  The two vaulters from Monrovia had both cleared 7 ft, which wouldn’t win the event, but would give Monrovia enough points to win the “team” meet.  Enter South Pasadena star pole vaulter Robin Laird.  All Robin needed to do was clear the 7ft 6 inch height and victory would be South Pasadena’s.

“I was feeling nervous,” she would later say, “because the whole league championship was on the line.”

Not so fast…..Mike Knowles, head track coach of Monrovia High, quickly looked at a judge and pointed at his wrist and then pointed at Laird.  Laird happened to be wearing a friendship bracelet made of string on her wrist.
“This is my 30th year coaching track,” Knowles said.   “I know a lot of rules and regulations.”

The rule in this case — Section 3, Article 3 of the National Federation of State High School Associations — is clear: “Jewelry shall not be worn by contestants.” So is the penalty, and in the time it takes to read “the competitor is disqualified from the event,” South Pasadena’s win was transformed into a 65-62 victory for Monrovia.

So to sum this whole episode up…..Mike Knowles the biggest loser, coward, unsportsmanlike, a-hole on the planet Earth this past weekend got a high school girl disqualified from her event which led to his high school track teams victory.  HIGH SCHOOL BRO!!!!  Why would someone do this?  Not only did you crush this little girls spirit, but you did it for your own egotistical satisfaction.  You, Mike Knowles, are a LOSER.  Always have been and always will be.

Monrovia athletic director, Randy Bell was embarassed by what his coach did.

“I don’t think it was anything people were particularly proud of,” he said. “A rule was invoked, and correctly so, but I don’t think anybody was excited to win that way.”

“Mike Knowles was down by the pole vault pit, kind of waiting and sitting there, keeping an eye on our girl, waiting for her to attempt the vault and then make the call, ” said Hernandez. “I am upset that he wanted to win so badly that he would do it that way. We feel sportsmanship is important, too, and that it is in question with him in this situation.”

“It’s unfortunate, that’s all I can say,” Knowles said. “It’s unfortunate for the young lady. But you’ve got to teach the kids that rules are rules.”
And if you haven’t noticed by reading this article we used Mike Knowles name as much as possible because for the rest of his life and for eternity on the internet we want people to know that Mike Knowles represents everything sports is NOT about.

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