Coach wins Final Four tickets by sinking half court shot……Sort of.

Students at Olathe Northwest high school in Kansas pranked their high school basketball coach.  At a pep rally they blindfolded him and told him to shoot a half court shot.  If he made the shot he would win Final Four tickets.  The theory is, regardless if he makes it, the crowd in attendence would go crazy and cause him to think that he had won.  TWO PROBLEMS……..he made the shot, and the students never really had Final Four tickets.  No biggie for the coach.  He said it was all for fun and never expected to make the shot or get Final Four tickets.

However, an anonymous person has come forward and provided the coach and his family 4 Final Four tickets, travel, and accommodations.  Pretty cool.  The link below will take you to the video.

Kansas Coach sinks half court shot

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