Could Pac-10 expansion affect Big 12 and MWC?

Rumors have been running wild today out of the PAC-10.  Earlier today a Salt Lake City news station had reported that the PAC-10 was looking at expanding its conference to 12 teams.  One from the Big 12 and

one from the Mountain West.  The schools being batted around are Colorado and Utah.  So let’s play a little “conference shuffle” what if.  Let’s say these rumors are serious and that both Colorado and Utah are invited to join the PAC-10, who replaces them in their respective conferences.  More rumors!!!!  The word on the street right now is that BYU would join the Big 12 in the North division.  But, what if Missouri were to bolt for the Big Ten when they expand their conference?  TCU would be my guess to take the other Big 12 position.  But, don’t you think the Big 12 would want to choose TCU over BYU if Missouri were to be passed on by the Big Ten?  Some say no.  The reason?  They believe that the University of Texas has enough of a market in the DFW area to carry the conference and adding BYU would open up parts of the Salt Lake City market.  Essentially expanding coverage further west.  But the bigger question I would ask would be….Can the Big 12 afford to leave TCU out for a second time?  Especially with their recent rise to the top of the rankings in both football, baseball, and women’s basketball?

Who knows how this is going to play out.  Rumors of Texas joining the PAC-10 (the one they really want) will probably surface again before this is all said and done.  I wouldn’t even be suprised if these jokers nominated a big market East coast university to play on the West Coast.  You see, college sports is all about money and logic never really applies.  Please refer to the reason we don’t have a playoff as my reference.  :)

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  • TIDWELL says:

    I hear that BYU does not play sports on Sundays… Do you think that could be a deal breaker for the Big 12 if they had to choose between TCU and BYU?

  • admin says:

    Other than a Sunday afternoon baseball game…… often are college sports played on Sundays? I’m sure the BIG 12 could do a little rescheduling if they really wanted BYU. Some people claim its a deal breaker, but I have never seen it brought up as a legitimate reason for exclusion.

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