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Could Texas be headed to the BIG 10?

As we told you in our article the other day about the PAC-10 expansion rumors, Texas would eventually be brought up.  However, we didn’t expect to hear that the BIG 10 has inquired about expanding into the Lone Star State.  All along we figured if the BIG 10 was going to steal a school from the BIG 12 it would be Missouri.  So no one had thought twice about any other scenario.  But sources are saying that the BIG 10 has made contact with the University of Texas about joining their conference.  Now, before we all start hooting and hollering about this, lets analyze.  Do we really think Texas would leave their nice little comfort zone and play in a conference up north?  Do we think they would put an end to at least one of their rivalry games (OU or A&M)?  Do you really think that the alumni base would want to fly to every away game rather than driving down the highway?  The answer to all these questions is NO.  But let’s play devil’s advocate………Does the BIG 10 generate the most revenue of any conference?  Yes.  Does the BIG 10 have its own television network?  YES.  Would the BIG 10 love to pick up the Texas fan base for their television network?  Absolutely.

So once again it all comes down to MONEY.  Something tells me no amount of money in the world could shut up the Texas alumni base if the university made this switch.  So my guess is this was just a courtesy call and when it’s all said and done…….Texas will be staying in its nice little comfort zone down in the BIG 12 South.

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