Cowboys give Phillips 3-year extension?

I think I speak for most Cowboys fans when I say……….What tha?  The Cowboys not only picked up Phillips option for 2010, but added another 2 years to the deal.  Can we all agree now that Jerry Jones doesn’t really know what he’s doing?  Phillips won his FIRST playoff game EVER two weeks ago against Philadelphia.  Yes, you read that right.  Now Jerry offers him an extension that will keep Phillips as the Cowboys head coach until after the 2012 season *.  (*Disclaimer:  Jerry Jones reserves the right to fire anyone at anytime).

Here’s the problem I have with this situation.  Wade Phillips is nothing more than a good defensive coordinator.  At best.  Yes, he has won the NFC East title 2 of the last 3 years, but have you seen him when the offense is on the field?  He looks like Bobby Bowden.  Clueless and confused.  Head coaches are supposed to oversee BOTH sides of the ball.  Phillips doesn’t.  Have you seen his reactions after a made field goal?  It’s like he won the lottery.

Soma no prescription needed overnight What Jerry should have done…… cheap Soma overnight delivery Tell Wade he can take a demotion and become the permanent defensive coordinator or go find another job.  Tell Jason Garrett its time to part ways.  Let’s face it, he isn’t getting it done.  Bring in a young offensive mind that can move the ball with regularity and isn’t so predictable.  Hire a head coach who can manage both sides of the ball and DEMANDS excellence.  I believe Bill Cowher is available Jerry.  Cowher would bring the toughness this team needs.

Side note:  Mike Shanahan would have been perfect for this job.  He calls his own plays and he covets a young mobile quarterback.  Shanahan had openly stated that he loved Tony Romo’s ability.

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