Cowboys vs. Vikings NFC Divisional Round Game

Day two of the Divisional Round games is upon us and they promise not to disappoint (we hope).  Tony Romo leads his red hot Cowboys into the Metrodome in Minneapolis to take on his boyhood idol, Brett Favre.  Throughout the season the Vikings have looked like contenders but recent losses have shown cracks in the foundation.  As I see it, it comes down to 4 things.  Can the left side of the Vikings offensive line handle DeMarcus Ware?  Can the Cowboys establish the run against a once stellar run stuff defense that has collapsed recently?  Can the Cowboys get the fans out of the game?  (I’ve been there and it gets extremely loud and chaotic)  Which Tony Romo will show up?

Spread: -3   Vikings

This is another tough game to pick because my decision weighs heavily on which teams show up.  If both show up to play, I’d have to go with the Cowboys.  They’ve been playing great as of late and the post season monkey is off their back after last weeks dismantling of Philadelphia.

Outlook: This is a crap shoot.  Dallas is going to try and establish the run.  This is the key to the game.  As dominant as the Vikings defense has been all year, they’ve been mediocre as of late.  The Vikings will be getting a heavy dose of Marion Barber early and often.  Mix that in with some Felix Jones sprints and play-action passes and I think you have a solid game plan.  On the other side, the Vikings are probably going to try and do the EXACT same thing.  They want to pound Adrian Petersen to keep DeMarcus Ware and the LB’s honest.  We all know that Brett Favre can go to the pass at any time and the Cowboys secondary can be rocked to sleep with a power run game.  I think Sidney Rice could be huge in this game because of his knack for finding open space and his sheer size up going up against a small corner like Terrence Newman.

Prediction: I think this game will be a Battle Royale (as long as the old Cowboys don’t show up).  Its going to go one of two ways.  Either the offenses come out early and the defenses show up late OR the defenses come out early and the offenses show up late.

Final score:  Cowboys   23    Vikings   20

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