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Dad Gets Knocked Out While Pitching to Kids

There’s no crying in “Coach Pitch Baseball”. However, we will let it slide in this situation. I’m sure this gentleman is a fine person. He just wanted to help out and give back to the community and spend a little extra time with his kid. Coaching a little league team is a great way to do that. So on a nice sunny day its great to take part in the good old American game of baseball. Until the kid drills a line drive off your head and sends you to the hospital. This dad will probably be watching from the dugout for a little while. Baseball can be a pretty complicated game, but not complicated enough to knock out your own dad generally. It’s pretty obvious that these kids need a bit more training in baseball before they get playing again. It’s probably best these kids don’t get their hands on any professional bats before they start improving, that’s for sure! Only until they’ve proved themselves will it be time to take a look at some youth bats, reviewed on Regardless, I’m sure the kid meant no harm and it wasn’t the intention to knock out their dad, although it may take a while for dad to warm up to that idea. We are also going to predict that he never pitches to kids again. At least we can all laugh at his expense, and I’m sure he can live with the idea that he’s made people chuckle. Check out the video below:

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