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Danica Patrick is going to play with the boys

This Saturday kicks off one of the most followed sports in America……NASCAR.  And one thing has always been a constant….this is a MAN’S sport.  Women have driven in NASCAR before, but none were named Danica Patrick.  Danica brings to the sports female star power.  She’s a “competitive” driver, business woman, marketing dream, and spokesperson.  If you watched the Super Bowl last weekend I’m sure you noticed her in those edgy Go Daddy commercials.

To this point Danica Patrick has only known IndyCar racing.  She has one lone victory to her name.  But, she was always competitive and usually finished in the Top 10.  NASCAR is a whole different can of worms.  NASCAR is a rough, tough, last man standing type of racing.  Cars race inches apart touching bumpers and rubbing doors.  No place for a woman right?  Wrong.  Especially if its Danica Patrick.  She loves to mix it up with the boys and is a risk taker.  NASCAR officials say that her entry into the Daytona Nationwide race this Saturday could boost ticket sales 10%.  Fellow racers are skeptical if Patrick is truly ready to compete SAFELY at a high level with current Sprint Cup drivers.  Who cares?  She’s a draw whether she crashes the first lap or finishes the race 30th.  Sounds to me like a few people are scared.  Just wait til she’s racing NASCAR on Sundays.

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