David Beckham Caught in Bathtub with Man

Yes ladies, your eyes are not deceiving you.  David Beckham was caught by photographers taking a bath with another gentleman.  So how is the English soccer star going to explain this one?  EASY!  He was doing it for charity.   As part of BBC’s Sport Relief initiative, athletes from all over the United Kingdom got together to help raise money for “poor and vulnerable people around the world.”  So David Beckham and comedian James Corden decided it would be funny to film a skit involving the two having a conversation while in a bathtub.  The skit has been called “undoubtedly the single funniest scene ever filmed for Sport Relief or Comic Relief.”

The English Premier League has taken notice of the initiative and has pledged buy soma with saturday delivery £1,000 to Sport Relief for every goal scored, and an extra £500 for every shot on target during this weekends EPL matches.  (Yes I copy and pasted this because I’m not quite sure how to make the pound symbol)

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