David Sills, 13, gets offer to play football for USC

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This is absolutely absurd.  Sounds like a marketing ploy to me.  And funny who is right in the middle…..Lane Kiffin.  Thursday night USC head football coach Lane Kiffin verbally offered David Sills, 13, a scholarship to play football.  And he COMMITTED.  Nevermind that he won’t hit a college campus til 2014.  Steve Clarkson, Sill’s personal coach and mentor, originally reached out to Kiffin about another recruit, but couldn’t help bringing up the talented young Sills.   He told Kiffin:

“You might call me crazy, but you’ve known me a long time, right? And when I said if there was going to be a LeBron James of football it’d be Jimmy Clausen that turned out to be a pretty good prediction.

“And when I said Matt Barkley had the potential to be as good as Jimmy, he ended up winning Gatorade Player of the Year as a junior and starting at USC as a freshman, right?

“Well, I’ve got a kid now who is better than all of them and he’s in Delaware. You gotta take a look at him.”

“His skill set is off the chart,” Clarkson said. “I’ve never seen anyone at his age do what he’s been able to do.”

Clarkson also stated that the kid is already breaking down NFL footage.

Let’s just hope that Lane Kiffin is still the coach at USC in 5 years because if not that offer may become void.  And with it, the dream of a kid to play for USC, his favorite team,  is squashed.  All because a dumb coach wanted to make headlines.  Shame!!

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