Hot Read Hotties LPGA edition

Who says the ladies of professional golf aren’t sexy?  They are.  I bet you guys might watch a little more LPGA golf on the weekend after checking out these lovely ladies.  Maybe it will even get a few of you off the couch and out to the golf course to improve your own golf games.  Happy Friday everyone!  Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. soma cod Blair O’Neal- played golf at Arizona State before moving to the Future’s Tour

From left to right:  Belinda Kerr- plays on the Australian Ladies Tour

Dana Lacey-competes on the Ladies European Tour and the Future’s Tour

Carlie Butler- plays on the Ladies European Tour

Pictured above and on the front of the post…..Natalie Gulbis-  LPGA poster girl.  Sure makes you want to take up the game of golf huh?

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