Field of Dreams Up For Sale

“If you build it, they will come.”  That’s what the owners of the “Field of Dreams” property are hoping.  The property used in the movie “Field Of Dreams” is up for sale.  The owners, Don and Becky Lansing,  are hoping that people come………….to buy it.  The property has been in the Lansing family for over a century and the family feels like it is the right time to sell and move on.  What’s the price tag?  5.4 million dollars for the whole shabang.  You may be asking what is included for that 5.4 million dollar price tag?  The property includes the famous baseball diamond, a two bedroom house, six outbuildings (whatever that is), and a 193-acre piece of land.  And just for the record the baseball diamond is still maintained today as is was in the Kevin Costner movie,  “Field of Dreams”.  One thing that a potential buyer might want to know.  The Lansings have been using this property as a living musuem ever since the filming of the movie.  So be prepared to have tourists showing up at your doorstep asking all sorts of questions and taking pictures.   The property even has its own website “Field of Dreams”.  Here’s an excerpt of what it says:

Universal Studios built this famous field in just four days during the summer of 1988, and since then, it has become so much more than just a field. Located at the intersection of fantasy and reality, it’s a living piece of movie history where tens of thousands of people each year come to have a game of catch, to hit a few balls or just spend time with the people they love – the real message of the hit movie.

Our family is proud to have preserved the Field of Dreams for baseball lovers, movie lovers, and baseball movie lovers, all these years. Now it’s time for us to relax in the bleachers, join the spectators, and watch as this magical place continues to grow.
Let the bidding begin!!!!!!!!!!!

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