Golf Tip of the Day…..#1

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Buy Phentermine 30 Mg Eon Blue/Clear We’ve added a new category here at Hot Read Sports.  Buy Valium 1000 Golf Tip of the Day!  With spring around the corner we figured some of you would be dusting off the golf bags, polishing those golf clubs, shining up those golf shoes, and hitting the golf course.  Hot Read Sports would like to help our followers lower their golf scores (or at least have fun trying).  So, here is the first installment and we hope to hear about some success stories.  We would also love to hear funny stories from the golf course as well.  We may even print a few for others to enjoy.  *Hot Read Sports is not responsible for horrible golf scores, lost bets, broken clubs, lost friendships, damage to golf carts due to the over consumption of alcohol, or any other things that can go wrong during your golf round. Golf Tip of the Day below:

Golf Tip #1: Proper grip pressure is where it all begins.  Make sure you don’t try to strangle the club.  Too much pressure can cause your entire body to become tense.  That’s when problems happens.  Relax.  Take an easy swing and you’ll be surprised just how far you can hit the ball.

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