Golf Tip of the Day…….#5

We’ve covered the golf grip, golf stance, and the drive (yes, we will return to these areas of the golf game for future golf tips).  But, after the last golf tip most of you probably find yourselves in the woods or the dreaded BUNKER.  Or sand trap.  Sometimes referred to as the beach, desert, doing a tour in Iraq, filming a Baywatch episode, or simply “in trouble”.  Have no fear, Hot Read Sports is here to help you get out of this problem.  Maybe.  Most of us completely hate going into the sand trap.  Its tough to get out of the trap.  Sand gives a majority of us anxiety.  Usually because its close to the green and you start thinking “If I don’t get out of here on the first shot….it could be a longgggg day.”  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  So here it is……..

buy soma no rx needed Golf Tip of the Day #5: Picture seeing yourself in the clubface as a mirror as you finish the shot. Take the open club away more abruptly. Aim (with the clubface) about 5 feet right of the flag with an open stance. A good rule of thumb is to hit 2.5 inches behind the ball. Follow through is the key to a good bunker shot.  And don’t be afraid to TRY.  No one ever got better at sand shots by babying the ball.  Have NO FEAR!!

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