Gregg Popovich Pokes Fun At Tim Duncan


When the box score from the San Antonio Spurs vs. Philadelphia 76er’s game came in last night there was a strange yet humorous addition to it.  Normally, players who DNP (do not play) have the reason posted next to their name.  Well, last night Tim Duncan was   

OLD.  Yep, OLD.  We first thought that it was someone at the NBA who was playing a prank or someone filling in their own reason for Duncan’s DNP.  That’s not the case.  Apparently, head coach Gregg Popovich submitted the lineup card himself with the “old” comment inserted.  Popovich regularly rests Tim Duncan throughout the season when the aging forward needs a rest.  So in his mind the only reason he was sitting the “Big Fundamental” down was age.  Classic Popovich!!  You’ve got to love a coach who has the ability to still have fun in the increasingly business-like/stale NBA.  Nice work Pop!

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