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Guy Dies On Field, Gets Yellow Card soma no prior prescription

We’ve heard it all………until now.  During a soccer match in Croatia and player collapsed during the game.  As the rules go, if you take a dive (or fake an injury) you must now receive a yellow card.  This rule was installed to clean up all the “acting” in the sport of soccer.  Well this wasn’t an act. Here is how the episode unfolded:

The 32-year-old defender collapsed on the pitch in the 35th minute of the County League game against Hratski Sokola. The referee officiating the game, thinking that Tunjic took a dive, ran towards the fallen player and gave him the yellow card. Turns out, he wasn’t faking it. Tunjic had a heart attack. –Guanabee (from EuroSport)

How bad do you think that referee feels today?  We’re guessing he feels like a complete idiot.

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