Heisman Trophy Winners’ Father Gets Extended Sentence for Attending National Championship

This is truly a sad tale of a father’s love.  Mark Ingram Sr, former New York Giant and father of current Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram Jr, is set to enter prison for his involvement in a money laundering case.  What is so unique about this story isMark Ingram Sr. will now serve an extra 27 months in prison.  Why?  Because he jumped bail to go to the National Championship Game between Alabama and Texas.    This brings his total jail time to around 10 years with the added sentence.  Pretty harsh for a man who was just trying to watch his son play in the most important game of his life.   Even Judge Thomas Platt thought so, saying:

“I do this with a heavy heart. You’ve had a remarkable career. … It’s too bad it had to end this way.”

Actually, I don’t blame Mark Ingram Sr. for skipping bail.  We are talking about a former pro football player who is getting ready to enter into prison for what will be a majority of his son’s pro football career.  That could have been the last time he could watch his son play at a high level in such an important game.  If I were the judge I would’ve gone easy on him.  Let’s hear what you have to say.  Would you have gone to see your son play in the National Championship knowing that you would get an extra 2 years in prison?  Think hard…….then comment below.  This should be interesting.

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  • Magnolia says:

    No. I think I would have reasoned that if I didn’t have my time extended in jail I would be out sooner and could spend more future time with him. It is a sad outcome though. The comments will be interesting.

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