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Herschel Walker wins first MMA bout

Yes, that Herschel Walker.  Former NFL and college football star, Herschel Walker, fought Greg Nagy in his debut mixed martial arts fight.  AND WON!!  Walker, 47, used

a ground and pound style to win by technical knockout in the 3rd round (Fights are only 3 rounds).  When asked if he would fight again, Walker said he would leave that decision up to his kickboxing trainers.  If I were Walker, I would fight again, but only for more money.  We are talking about a violent sport and to take a clean shot from a contender could be devastating to Walker’s health.  Not that Walker can’t hold his own, but he is 47 years old.  Couple that with a long career of banging NFL lineman and linebackers and we’re talking some serious wear and tear to the head.  I personally think he just wanted to say he could “do it”.  But, after someone wins, the question always looms……when are you going to fight again?  Hopefully Walker has enough brain cells left to make a “smart and safe” decision.

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