Hot Read Announcement: Computer Issues

Just a note to all of our Hot Read Sports Fans……our modem and router have konked out and we are in the process of getting a new one.  The lovely AT&T have told us that we will receive our replacement on Thursday, but ultimately they say its up to UPS (how convenient they put it off on Brown).  So we are updating the site through what we have coined as “guerilla entries”.  Sneaking around uncomfortable coffee houses, random public computers, and dropping by our friends and neighbors houses to visit “the baby” or return the step ladder we borrowed 6 months ago.  We kid…We kid… Not about the coffee shops and public computers though.  So bare with us while we get this situation handled and we will hopefully continue bringing the sports content you know and love on a regular basis sometime on Thursday.  That’s when the question will be answered, “What can Brown do for me?”  Until then keep checking the site.  You never know when a “guerilla post” will appear.  :)

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