Hot Read Hotties College Basketball Cheerleaders Edition

We’ve changed the name of our weekly girl pictorial to HOT READ HOTTIES.  So those of you who like to look at our Fan Of The Game archives, you can now enjoy the same postings under a new name.  And with the NCAA tournament about ready to kickoff.  We

decided to give our users what they really want on a Friday afternoon.  (No, not an open tab at your favorite bar)  College basketball cheerleaders!!!  These pictures were a lot harder to find since we only post the cream of the crop.  So after your long work week we’d like for you to pour yourself an ice cold brew, kick back, and enjoy our Hot Read Hotties.  Cheers!  (Click on thumbnail to view full size.)

You know I’ve got to start with UCLA.  Wowsers!!!

Kansas State, Michigan, and Ohio State representing.

Florida, Georgia Tech, and Florida State

Pitt, Marquette, and Syracuse.

Have a great weekend everyone.  And make sure you tell your friends about HOT READ SPORTS!

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