Hot Read Hotties Miami Heat Dancer Edition

First off Hot Read Sports wants to apologize for not getting out your weekly dose of Hot Read Hotties last Friday.  We understand that some of you look forward to it every Friday to kick off a great weekend.  But, some of you have expressed that Hot Read Hotties would be best suited getting you through a dreary, boring, stressful Monday.  So in order to test our readers we are releasing this edition of Hot Read Hotties on Monday.  We won’t always release the Hot Read Hotties on Monday, but we may switch it up on occasion just to keep you on your toes.  We may even throw it out on a Thursday occasionally.  You’ll never know.  But the one thing you can count on……………..Hot Read Hotties will NEVER disappoint.  NEVER.  These editions are not easy to put together.  The selection process is viewed with a critical eye.  So keep in mind that behind these beautiful bods is someone working hours on end (lie), sweating (maybe), and laboring (lie) to bring you the best of the best.  Tell us your opinion in the comment box at the bottom of the page.  You never know we may run a 2nd edition.  Ok, we will shut up now.  Here it is in all its glory The Hot Read Hotties “Miami Heat Dancer edition” (because they really need their own edition):

Julie, Ashley F., and Katie

Game Night

Luanna and Michelle


Natalie, Shea, and Sarah

Peace Everybody!

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