Hot Read Hotties Miami Heat Dancer “Latina” Edition

Back by popular demand. The Miami Heat dancers! The NBA’s hottest dance team (at least this year). This week we have included photos from the Miami Heat dancers “Latina” spread. We included a few of these photos in last weeks Hot Read Hotties and this week we’ve decided to feature the “Latina” spread. Everybody loves a good Latina, right? That’s why categories such as seem to be so popular on most adult entertainment websites. Congratulations to the Miami Heat dancers for becoming our first Hot Read Hotties to have a 2nd Edition. Guys (and girls) if you like a posting we submit and want to see more……..Sound Off! Let us know by comment at the bottom of this post or on our facebook wall. Ok we’ll shut up now. Have a Good Friday ;) All photos below by Omar Vega.

Cuba: Miami Heat Dancer “Odaymis”

Mexico: Miami Heat Dancer “Tiffany”

Chile (Our favorite): Miami Heat Dancer “Michelle”

Dominican Republic: Miami Heat Dancer “Taliah”

Country Unknown: Miami Heat Dancer “Natalie”

Colombia: Miami Heat Dancer “Sarah”

Puerto Rico: Miami Heat Dancer “Julissa”

Check out all of the Miami Heat Dancer “Noche Latina” photos at their website.

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