Hot Read Sports Hits Pacquiao-Clottey Fight

Photo by Hot Read Sports

What a night it was. Pacquiao vs. Clottey at Cowboys Stadium. And you know what’s next…….. Order Soma online without prescription “Hot Read Sports was there!” In front of a record setting 51,000 people the boxing world went on center stage in Arlington, TX. If you’re a boxing fan, you need to try betting at 토토사이트

The night was epic. The stars were out (See pictures below). Everyone from celebrities to local sports legends were present at the fight dubbed “The Event”. This was about the only action going on because the main event between Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey was…..uneventful. The entire night Clottey used his defense to carry out his gameplan, which was to make Pacquiao punch himself tired. That never happened. Pacquiao was conservatively aggressive landing LOTS of punches but moving away to avoid the counter punches and power that Clottey seemed to be setting up. In the end, Pacquiao never tired and Clottey was too far behind on the scorecards to catch up. Pacquiao finished with a 12 round unanimous decision victory. Hot Read Sports would like to thank MAPP Construction LLC. for being hospitable hosts and allowing Hot Read Sports “all-access” . Visit to learn more about MAPP Construction and how they became the regional leader in the construction industry. HOT READ SPORTS pics from the Pacquiao fight below:

At our seats with former Dallas Cowboy all-world safety Darren Woodson (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

Dropped by to say hello to our childhood hero, Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

Catching up with San Antonio Legend, hall of fame boxer Jesse James Leija. (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

A fraction before we snapped this shot, boxing great Kelly Pavlik hit Zach with a “low blow” (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

Having drinks in the suite pre-fight with former OU TE and future NFL superstar Jermaine Gresham and MAPP construction regional business director Graham Merriman. Jermaine called this his “Blue Steel” look. Jermaine was a great guy and we loved hanging out and laughing with him all night. Truly a humble guy that can’t wait to play at the next level. Good luck! (Photos by Hot Read Sports)

Behind the scenes of “HBO Boxing After Dark”. And yes that is legendary commentator Jim Lampley saying “Hot Read Sports is #1″. How can you argue with a guy like him? (Yes we have video of this as well for all you doubters) Photo by Hot Read Sports.

Completely random moment of the night…….We are talking with Charles Haley when Austin Miles walks by. Charles interrupts the conversation to grab Austin Miles by the arm and give him some advice. Haley said, “Last year was last year son, now go out and do it again!” Wild!! (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

The original #88 Cowboy Great Drew Pearson! (Photo by Hot Read Sports)

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