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Hot Read Sports profile: Hannah Teter

Hannah Teter, 2006 Olympic gold medalist in women’s snowboard halfpipe, is a unique athlete.  She has a passion outside of sport.  Growing up in Vermont as a child she had two options…..snowboard or make syrup.  She did both.  Maple syrup production is woven into the fabric of state of Vermont.

Since winning gold in the 2006 Torino Winter Games she has made it her mission to spread goodwill.  During the offseason, she visited Kenya and took notice of the children of Kirindon (a village in Kenya).  They didn’t have any clean drinking water and the conditions were unsanitary.  She made it her personal goal to help them out.  How is she going about doing this?  She is donating ALL of her winnings at her events, all of the revenue from her maple syrup (“Hannah’s Gold”), and partnering with sponsors.  One of those sponsors, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, has named a flavor after her called Maple Blondie.  Portions of those sales will go toward helping the children of Kirindon, Kenya.  Later this year, she also is launching a line of panties called “Sweet Cheeks” which will help her cause as well.

It truly is refreshing to see an athlete make a difference in the lives of others and Hot Read Sports wants to help promote those who go the extra mile.  Most athletes are all about their next paycheck, but Hannah goes about her life knowing that she has been blessed with a gift.  A gift to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.  To read more about “Hannah’s Gold” or to get involved in her mission in Kenya please visit her website at Soma shipped with no prescription

And make sure to watch Hannah Teter go for back-to-back gold medals in the women’s snowboard halfpipe TONIGHT on NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games.

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