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Howard Stern Crowns Winner of Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant


Soma shipped with no prescription What won’t Howard Stern do? Today the Howard Stern Show held a pageant (if that’s what you want to call it) for a few of Tiger Woods‘ mistresses. The winner would receive a $75,000 check. Isn’t this all sorts of wrong? The media has been crushing Tiger Woods’ for his extra marital behavior, meanwhile, giving these WHORES (to put it nicely) front covers of magazines, radio time, book deals, and now cash prizes. I think it’s sick and frankly I’m uncomfortable even writing about it. cheap soma online consultation Jaimee Grubbs, Jamie Jungers, and Loredana Jolie (no relation to Angelina) all took part in the question and answer contest. At the end of the segment Jamie Jungers was crowned….uh….biggest whore in the world? Slut of the decade? Who knows and who cares. When asked how she felt about winning Jungers stated: order soma for over night delivery “This is the best day ever. I’m so excited. Yesterday was my birthday. I just feel blessed.” Cheap Soma Shipped Overnight No Prescription She eventually thanked her mom and “her little dog Apple.”

order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT BLESSED? You’ve got to be joking me. I’m sure your mother is so proud, saying that though I guess it might be better than having girls from sites like

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