Insane Bench Clearing Brawl Ends Hockey Game Early

When you go to a hockey game you expect it to be physical.  However, when the game actually gets called after two periods because the referees can’t stop the fighting that’s a different story.  Or maybe it was the  

19 player ejections that caused the early end.  Regardless, the fans seemed to love the free-for-all between the Fayetteville FireAntz (yes that is a “z”) and the Knoxville Icebears of the Southern Professional Hockey League.  The action starts off fairly slow, but escalates when a player from the FireAntz decides to hop over into the Icebears bench area.  That’s when the Fireantz bench clears and the gloves fly.  Speaking of gloves…….let’s play a game.  How many gloves do you think hit the ice in this melee?  (Guess before watching the video).  The other thing I was wondering while watching this brawl wass, how will the players ever get the correct gloves back?  That is answered in the end when the FireAntz players are seen aimlessly skating glove- to- glove to find the matching pairs.  Hilarious and ignorant all at the same time.  Guess the fans were the big winners/losers in this whole affair.  They get to see a great bench clearing brawl, but don’t get to see the 3rd period.  Check out the video below:

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