Don’t Ever Piss Off John Daly

Note to self….don’t ever piss off John Daly.  We’ve all heard about John Daly’s troubles of the years.  The drinking, the smoking, cursing, and the canoodling.  But we didn’t know the extent of it all.  Recently his PGA tour disciplinary file was releaseddue to a lawsuit Daly filed in 2005 over what he termed as “libel” by the Florida Times-Union.  Garry Smits, a sportswriter for the Times-Union, decided he would publish the reports since they were public knowledge.  That pissed John Daly off.  So what did he do?  Daly took to Twitter and tweeted the sportswriters personal cell phone number.

“Call and flood his line and let’s tell him how we feel,” Daly wrote.

Within an hour Smits had received a flood of voicemails.  Funny thing is, when you are a sportswriter and you are following leads you may get calls from all sorts of unknown numbers.  Therefore, Smits, must listen to at least the first few seconds of each voicemail before he deletes them.

Daly later tweeted  “this isn’t journalism, it’s paparrazi — like gossip.”  He also ran Smits’ phone number again, just in case his followers missed it.

Again, note to self, buy John a beer and never piss him off.

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