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JR Smith Throws Down a Nasty Slam Dunk Last Night

Remember back in the day when superstars put down awesome slam dunks?  If you don’t, go watch Michael Jordans’ “Come Fly With Me” again.  That will refresh your memory.  I miss those days.  What happened to getting a steal driving all alone toward the rim and putting down 360′s, reverses, tomahawks, etc.?  I vote we bring them back.  I’m sure most of you would agree.

Last night during the Denver Nuggets’ road game with the Minnesota Timberwolves, JR Smith went “old school” for the crowd.  On a breakaway, Chauncey Billups threw the ball upcourt to a leaping JR Smith who slammed his claim for 2010 “Dunk of the Year”.  Check out the video of what happened next.  Sick!

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  • M Gregory says:

    The Nuggs are the most electrifying and entertaining team in the NBA. They have the full package and don’t put you to sleep (Mavs) or overly rely on a single player (Cleveland, Lakers). They are high flying and play a team game. Plus, they keep the tattoo parlors busy.

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