Man Breaks 700 Concrete Blocks With His Fists

We understand this video is a little over two years old, but it has just come to our attention.  Narve Laeret, owner of about 10 world records (maybe more by now), attempted to break 700 concrete blocks in 30 seconds.  He succeeded in 29 seconds.  Narve’s Facebook page claims: buy online pharmacy soma “Narve Læret is a real Norwegian Viking and travels all around the world making mayhem and destruction :-) He is called “all thats good in Kyokushin” by Sensei Steven Denoo USA,earlier Mas Oyama student and dojo owner,New York.”

Seriously, if you are a real Viking that’s pretty cool.  If you make a living “traveling the world making mayhem and destruction” that’s even cooler.  This video will make you want to ice down your own knuckles just watching it.  Hot Read Sports doesn’t know if this is a mind over matter thing, a strength thing, or a crazy/insane thing.  But we do know this is a badass thing.  All the bone crushing video is below.  HIIII-YA!!

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