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Kyle Kendrick duped by April Fools Day Prank

Happy April Fool’s Day everybody.  The art of pranking your friends and family on April 1st is a gift.  Not everyone has the talent to pull off a prank that is both funny and harmless at the same time. 

The sports world is no different from regular life.  Players want to “dupe” their teammates just as bad as any of us.  We’ve searched around and found this from a few years ago.  Classic!

Buy Xanax In India The Philadelphia Phillies set up a fake trade.  The trade would send Kyle Kendrick (the target) to Japan in return for another player.  This one is classic because they got the GM to hold a press conference in the locker room and let the media in on the joke.  Watch as the hilarious prank unfolds.  Classic!

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