Manny Pacquiao Butchers a Song on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The world’s “Pound for Pound” boxing Champion, Manny Pacquiao (yeah I said it Floyd), was on Jimmy Kimmel Live to sit down and talk about his upcoming fight with Joshua Clottey at Cowboys Stadium.  What we didn’t know was the treat he had 

in store for us.  Manny Pacquiao, native of the Phillipines, loves to have a good time.  And when we are talking about a good time, we mean singing.  Over the years Pacquiao has made appearances on numerous TV programs in his native country to sing.  Jimmy Kimmel Live was the scene of his latest “concert”.

Now let me prepare you.  This isn’t good.  Not even close to being good.  What I love about it is he seems to be trying hard and doesn’t care.  I guess you can do what you want when you beat people up for a living.  Anyways, check out the video clip below.  Manny sings Nothing’s Going to Change My Love For You

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