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Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Performs Insane Stunt get soma cod

First off, we didn’t even know that the Milwaukee Bucks had a mascot.  Well they do.  His name is Bango.  We won’t be forgetting about him any longer because of what he did the other night at the Bucks playoff game versus the Atlanta Hawks.  Bango  has now officially entered the contest for Hot Read Sports “Slam Dunk of The Year”.  I don’t want to spoil the video, but let’s just say that doing this stunt from that height with a full fur costume on is insane.  This stunt could easily gone wrong in a hurry………..and in front of 20,000 people no less.  Imagine the repercussions for the children if this doesn’t go right.  Can you say THERAPY!  So here it is.  Bango’s entry for “Slam Dunk of The Year”.  Video below:

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