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Nate Robinson wins 3rd Slam Dunk title

The Sprite Slam Dunk contest started out with a fizzle and ended with a yawn.  When I was a kid growing up the Slam Dunk contest was THE event on All-Star weekend.  We would get all pumped up to watch the NBA roll out some high flying superstars like Michael Jordan or Dominique Wilkins.  They were innovative, powerful, and gracious.  They were proud to be a part of the contest and took great pleasure in being called the champion.  Gone are those days.  Saturday night the NBA rolled out 4 contestants.  Nate Robinson, Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown, and DeMar DeRozen.  I know these guys, but I’m willing to bet that most fans don’t have a clue who these guys are or who they play for.  The dunks that these guys were attempting were dunks you could see in a regular season game.   They were uninspired.  Probably one of the worst dunk contests of all-time.  If I had paid money to go to this event I would be livid.  Something needs to change and QUICK.  My suggestion…..cut the winner a bigger check.  Then maybe we’ll see LeBron James get out there and make us feel like little kids all over again.

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