2010 NCAA Tournament First Round Upset Predictions

Everyone knows that the guy who wins your NCAA tournament pool doesn’t know anything about basketball.  He enjoys just being a part of something.  So how does he pick his way to all that prize money?  Throws darts at a bracket?  Let’s his dog pick the winners?  Has his wife pick while applying her makeup?  Who knows.  But one thing is for certain.  You must pick some upsets.  So let’s give it a try.  We’ll do this for every round of the tournament.  *Disclaimer- If you use these picks and lose all your money don’t call us….If you use these picks to bet and WIN money we expect at least 25%  ;)   Here are Hot Read Sports’ 2010 NCAA tournament first round upset predictions:

(Upset is ANY higher seed beating a lower seed)


San Diego St. over Tennessee

Georgia Tech over Oklahoma St.


UTEP over Butler

Murray St. over Vanderbilt

Minnesota over Xavier


Missouri over Clemson


Louisville over California

Siena over Purdue

Old Dominion over Notre Dame

St. Mary’s over Richmond

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