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New Jersey Nets Give Away LeBron James Jerseys

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You heard that correctly. The New Jersey Nets are giving away LeBron James jersey’s at tonights HOME GAME versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. And for those of you who don’t know or aren’t aware LeBron Jamesdoesn’t play for the New Jersey Nets. If you are a massive basketball fan, I’m pretty sure you would have known that already. And no doubt will you already have your printable bracket tournament sheet printed, ready for basketball season. This is an exciting time for the fans and the players. I guess the Nets front office will do anything to get people to come out and watch a game. Attendance has been struggling all season for the 6-53 (yes you read that right) ball club. Most teams would balk at the idea of giving away a jersey from an opposing teams player because it would piss off the season ticket holders. So I’m assuming this move is being made because there aren’t any season ticket holders left to piss off.

The move is also a ploy to demonstrate the lengths the New Jersey Nets would go to in order to convince LeBron James to sign a free agent contract with the struggling franchise. What’s next? Maybe Jay-Z (part owner of the Nets) will have LeBron James sing on his next album. Or better yet……………..a recurring role on Jersey Shore. Epidsode 1: LeBron takes on “The Situation” in a one on one basketball game on the Boardwalk. Even I would buy season tickets to watch that mess.

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