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New Orleans Saints prank Dallas Cowboys

buy watson soma soma cod New Orleans Saints continued their Super Bowl after party.  This week is the NFL combine and it just so happens that the event is taking place in Indianapolis.  Yes, the home to the Colts, who a few weeks ago lost the Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints.  So what did they do… The Saints coaching staff decided to eat at one of the oldest restaurant establishments in Indianapolis, St. Elmo Steakhouse.  While ordering, word had spread that the Cowboys coaching contigent was going to be eating at the steakhouse the following night and had made a special request.  That request, a bottle of Caymus Special Selection cabernet sauvignon.  Sean Payton decides that he would also like to try the expensive bottle of wine.  One problem.  There was only one bottle left.  Nonetheless, Payton insisted that the bottle be brought to the table.  Once it arrived it didn’t take long before it was empty.  But, Payton wasn’t done yet.  He gave the waiter clear instructions while pulling a pen out of his pocket.  His request?  Please place this on the center of Jerry Jones table tomorrow night when he arrives……

The following night when the Cowboys owner walked into his private room to dine he saw an empty bottle of Caymus Special Selection in the middle of the table.  Inscribed on the bottle:

World Champions XLIV
Sean Payton

Looks like next year’s game between the Super Bowl Champion Saints and Cowboys will have a little added fuel.  Nice work Sean!  I can only imagine Jerry’s face.

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  • Jason Smith says:

    I imagine that was pretty awesome to see Jerry’s face. They may be why he announced there will be 10 to 11 new players next year.

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