NFL Weekend Wrap-Up

What promised to be an amazing weekend in the NFL turned out a bit of a dud. 4 games were played and the average margin of victory was 21 points. Not what I call exciting. That is unless your players in your DraftKings fantasy football team did particularly well.

Cardinals vs. Saints- As I predicted, if the Saints get out to an early lead the game WOULD be over. The Cardinals did score on the first play of the game, but cooled off after that. The Saints defense returned numerous starters who had been banged up and confused and pressured Kurt Warner. He was never able to find a rhythm and the running game never got off the ground. That’s a recipe for disaster against the Saints. Game, set, match. Saints by 31.

Ravens vs. Colts- As I predicted this would be a game where eventually Peyton Manning would create breathing room. The defenses got off to a hot start and the game seemed to stall for most of the first half. Manning and the Colts punched one in right before half and that was all they would need. I have to give props to the Ravens defense for playing extremely hard, but the offense just couldn’t match their effort. The Colts defense stepped up in a major way by shutting down the Ravens rushing attack and forcing them into passing situations. At the end of the day, this is what we’ve come to expect from an outstanding Colts team that had been undefeated for a majority of the year. Colts by 17

Cowboys vs. Vikings- Well there were 4 keys to this game and the Vikings won all of them. The Cowboys weren’t able to establish the run, the OLD Tony Romo showed up, Sidney Rice had a monster game (as predicted), and the noise level in the Metrodome never dropped below deafening. This was a sorry effort by the Cowboys, but we’ve come to expect that from them in the playoffs. Brett Favre managed the game masterfully and they’ll be on the road in the Big Easy next week for what we hope will be a SHOWDOWN. Vikings by 31

Jets vs. Chargers- We apologize for not getting a preview out in time for this game, but we are actually glad we didn’t waste our time our yours. You could’ve thrown our opinion out the window because this game did not even scratch the surface of what was expected. This was by far the biggest upset of the weekend and one of the worst performances by the San Diego Chargers all season. The Jets defense came to play and the Jets offense did just enough to win. How do these guys keep winning? Jets by 3

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