Oregon Unveils New Basketball Floor

Just when you thought you’d seen everything………the University of Oregon went and did something else.  Known for their wild, neon, and sensory overloading football uniforms, the Ducks of Oregon have now brought crazy to the basketball court.   So what could Phil Knight and his cronies come up with to stand out on the hardwood?  How about a depiction of an Oregon forest imbedded in the court?  Yep…and that idea has come to fruition.  The picture above is the new basketball court at Matthew Knight Arena, named after Phil Knights late son.  (On a side note…for those readers who don’t know who Phil Knight is, he is the founder of Nike).  So what do you think of the new court?  Innovative?  Maybe.  Unique?  Most definitely.  Beyond the game?  Yes.  I like the idea and the court is beautiful……as a photograph, not a playing surface.  I think its a distraction to fans and players alike.  It will be interesting to see if there are any controversial calls made around the 3 point line, that is where the tips of the trees and the line converge.  Yes, referees could always go to video replay, but should the game be stopped due to the design of the court?  Does this open the door for other universities to adopt the same idea of “theme courts”?  Let’s hope not.  James Naismith would be turning over in his grave.

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